What changes do we expect to see in the next 5 years ?

by Administrator 3. September 2015 22:49

I am so excited about the changes ahead ! Have you noticed how much the world is changing with everything becoming online and cloud based? Just drop in to your local bank or Coles and you will see that there is an increase of self service machines and less staff….SO…can this be replicated within a real estate office ?? Yes I think it can ! but maybe not to the same extent.

We have already seen new online systems for tenants to  book their own viewings for rental properties and there are a few programs that offer this and have been a real time saver for us property managers. At SOCO Realty we use a great one called Inspect Real Estate.

We are also in the process of implementing a maintenance manager program which is going to enable our property managers to manage and follow up maintenance in one system which is really going to be a benefit for our landlords and tenants and we are really excited about this.

I also received an email today from a company called Real Estate Virtual Assistants….I know that personally I am not ready to go this far with the “whole online thing” just yet….but maybe in 5 years I will !

At present, SOCO Realty is just happy to implement a few of these online system to ensure our property managers work as efficiently as they can with out sacrificing our personal customer service that we are proud to offer our clients.



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